Resident and Associate Level Memberships

There are two levels of membership at Clay@ RWS Art Studios;

Resident Artist memberships and Associate Artist Memberships.

Resident Artists are professional clay artists who have the technical skill and experience to work independently and fire their own work in the studio kilns. Resident Artists have access to their own semi private space. Resident artists will have access to all of the common area equipment such as wheels, slab roller, clay extruder, as well as access to the raw materials room and the kiln room. While resident artists are welcome to use the wheels in the common area equipment, they are primarily intended for associate artist use. High production artists are expected have their own wheel for their space.


Resident Artist Memberships are $200- $400/month depending on the square footage of the space.

Associate Artists are developing clay artists who have previous experience in ceramics and are looking for more access, privacy and shelf space. Associate artists work in the common studio area equipped with wheels, a slab roller, a clay extruder, a wedging table, and work tables. Associate artists are provided with generous shelves for each artist. Associate Artists can fire their own work or participate in group firings. 


Associate memberships

     Lease option range from 3 months and up

    *$150 (half shelf unit)-$175(full shelf unit)/month for 12 month lease

    *$175/month for leases shorter than 12 months (half shelf unit only)


*Price dependant on amount of storage shelving being rented


Both Resident Artists and Associate Artists have 24 hour studio accessibility, and a locker to store valuable tools or other personal items. The monthly rent does not include clay materials, glazes or firings, but clay, glazes and firings may be purchased through the studio for additional fees. A committee reviews all applications based on the following criteria: Applicant's level of professionalism, artistic quality of work, and commitment to the studio community.

Application and Lease Attachment

We recommend contacting us to schedule a visit before you submit an application. Read through the information on the website as well as the information in the application and lease attachment. This will help answer questions you may have about the studio, the facilities, and the lease as well as help you to identify questions you may have for us.

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Clay Center Application print and mail version


Clay Center Application online version

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Clay Center Lease                    
Clay Center Lease Attachment